I have also found an alternative solution for the reader where he/she can access anytime via internet. I tried a bit of dreamweaver with a friend’s support and finally I have got my own url.

Here is the link.


Post-Production design

Here comes the magic.

And of course, I am not going to make the reader confused to I put a little note called instruction what the usb is for etc.

How am I going to deliver? Simple by post! (ps. I put all the effort all the way to reception to submit =]) I am quite pleased with final product.

You’ve won a ticket!

Regarding to the chocolate CD, a new idea pops into my head. I love watching charlie in the chocolate factory film and it would be a nice idea if I make a ticket to a reader. So I made another surprises as if someone wins a lottery.

CD or usb?

Both CD and usb are an alternative devices where I could submit my work. usb is small, useful and good for further use and last till certain amount of time so I considered what if I am a reader, I would prefer to carry something tiny and easy to carry.


What kind of usb I would like to go for regarding to my final submission?

I want to go with something different. Not a simple usb stick for sure!

Layout done! But not finished yet.

I have successfully created a visual I desire BUT there is another problem. I believed once I created and set all the layout, I could get a link. But since I have to add images, videos and audios, the files cannot be separated since it needs some back up scripts.

So what could be possible way to submit?

Pro and cons with 3d bookflip

I have purchased a software which I thought would be something like issuu but it proved me wrong. Definitely a unique program but basic knowledge in flash is a must!! It is very time consuming to design the layout I want although it has come in automatic format.

Design production Process

I want my dissertation be a bit more visual and interactive. Since it was the impact within film, a cinema is a great idea to start off. The reader can be an audience watching a movie. So lots of research has been made. I have looked into cd production with different packaging style and other interactive flipbook such as issuu. Most of them are free where I could upload online but I want it more visual not just still images. So I found an interesting software called 3D book flip. Definitely not free! It was so amazing that its got all the features such as video, audio and active links. This would definitely work and it is what I have been looking for so it is settled.

Another idea.

I have come across with interesting packaging product. A CD chocolate!!!

I have never seen such a product when I was checking for the cd. Then I came up with an idea, to make an illusion to the reader. It is not necessary but it could be another way to surprise! We all love surprises, don’t we?

Final submission

09_Final_DissertationA few tweet and more visual added. Carefully looked through the whole text and references were added.


I have received feedback on tutors and major problem is the quote are not meant to be in italic plus more referencing needed. Text needs to be as clear as possible.